Websites helped us get amazing SATs results

Firstly we want to thank you for helping us get some amazing results last year with our SATs. The spag and maths websites both helped us tremendously so thank you.

Children can really pinpoint what they need to learn

We have used and for a number of years now. Both so supportive. The assessment tools allow children to really pinpoint what they need to learn. Teachers are grateful for the question level analysis.

No Paperwork!

So easy, so accessible and interactive! And best of all, no paperwork (I hate to imagine how many trees I murder for the sake of practice papers so I feel like I do my bit for the environment with this subscription.)

Massive impact on KS2 results

We use it across school- we saw massive impact on KS2 results when we started using it as it informs your planning and assessment too. We went from 56% to 89% in SPaG in one year!

Best investment!

I rarely endorse on Twitter but have to say that has been one of the best investments. Brilliant resource!

Made my Sunday so much easier!

Loving the new specific objectives for tests this year! Made my Sunday so much easier!

A fab resource for SAT's revision! is amazing!! We use it loads and it's a fab resource for SATs revision!

It's visual and engaging!

Online SPaG homework is most effective. It's easy to monitor; it's paperless; it's visual and engaging and the children are motivated by it!

Amazing resource!

We currently utilise your amazing resource (THANK YOU!)

Fab for gap spotting!

It's fab! I teach something during the week as oral starters then set that as SPaG homework for the weekend. Fab for year 6 gap spotting too.

Positive impact!

We find it has a positive impact and is good for analysing gaps.

It's amazing! is amazing. Our results have gone from 42% average in Nov to 74% today.

Excited for SPaG!

Used as a whole class quiz yesterday, never seen year 6 so excited for SPaG! Anything with competition..!

Incredible little tool!

I do love SpaG. I think it's an incredible little tool ... the kids love it as they aren't overwhelmed by seeing the whole exam paper at once - one question at a time means they don't stress as much.

Loving the online testing

Children (and staff) in Year 6 are loving the online testing and diagnostics from It's making a big difference to our personalising SATs prep!

Saving me lots of time!

I really like it and it is saving me lots of time marking Y6 SPaG!

Love the product!

We've been using this for over 3 years now and love the product!

This is fantastic!

This is fantastic- thank you. We absolutely love!

An ace online tool!

It is totally worth it!! It's an ace online tool that I use for homework in the month running up to SATs - it's self marking and the kids love improving their scores.


Just signed my kids up to was just about to go through all the tests to compile a load of prefix questions, but you have done it already!!! LOVE IT!!!

Great fun!

I scored 94% on a level 3-5 test with Great fun and easy to complete. Must do better!!

We like it so much!

We have subscribed to the year 6 material and we like it so much that we would like to have access to all of the key stage 2 material.

Fabulous customer service

Wow! Fabulous service - thank you!

Children enjoyed their first online SPaG session

The children in Year 5 enjoyed their first session using the online SPaG activities. Each child was given a unique username, which will help them to log on at home in order to complete the weekly activities, which are set by the teachers. The online program will help develop children's SPaG and secure a good understanding.

Challenge yourself! helps you to open your brain and start challenging yourself.

Totally worth the money!

Have used it with year 6 classes in two different schools and I love it. We offer lunchtime sessions for those without access at home and occasionally complete an activity together on the board as a class. Totally worth the money!

Impressed with SPaG

We have just signed up for the maths too as we have been so impressed with the Spag.

Real timesaver!

We use it and it's great as you get immediate marking and know where the gaps are- not that expensive and a real timesaver as far as I'm concerned! Children like getting marks back straight away! is brilliant, we have been using your website for many years and think it is brilliant.

It does it all for you!

It's amazing!! After Easter, every spag lesson we taught was based on a gap analysis- it does it all for you, you just have to see which area they did the least well on.

Plug gaps

We use it every year to plug gaps and for revision. We have never had below 80% in SATs since using it.

Very useful for planning

Kids love it and the results are very useful for planning. I use common misconceptions identified through as starters.

Zoom session really useful

...thanks so much for organising that all so quickly - it was really useful.

Kids love it too!

Love and the kids love it too. Really good to see the gaps and address areas with the whole class on the big screen.

Motivated the children

I used it a lot in Year 6 and found it really motivated the children, even those who started off hating grammar. They were desperate to improve their scores.

Very useful!

It is very popular and the kids love it when we set it as homework, morning tasks or let them do some during breaks. Very useful for ironing out misconceptions as you can click on the errors.

Makes revision fun!

My kids love it and find it very helpful! Makes revision so much more more fun and it helped me to see the gaps.

Instant feedback!

Great website! Good SATs style questions that you don't need to mark. It's popular with children in my school, but I also liked it as a parent for my daughter when she was in year 6. She'd get instant feedback and then focus on any that she was getting wrong.

We use and love it!

We use and love it! We set homework from it and also use it on the IWB for whole class revision. It tracks scores and shows very quickly those children struggling. I often set it as homework after spending time in class- to see what they've retained.

We love it!

We love it! 75 year sixes and every one of them love it! The gap analysis bit is great. We use it as a teaching tool each week to decide which bit we need to teach.

Most valuable resource! is the most valuable resource out there. The questions are spot on!

Very good value for money!

I'm English lead and head of year 6 and we use it for homework across the school. It is very good value for money! is a great resource

Many thanks for your help with this. is a great resource for us.

Great customer service!

Thank you - you're a star! I wasn't expecting it to be done today!

Like what we see!

We have looked at the demo and very much like what we see.

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